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The pictures of many things I like. Hopefully you'll enjoy the favorites. Or thank me for favoriting your stuff.
Stolen from :iconmylittleashy:

Best Character: Rarity (Most of my mannerisms are too relate-able, and she has to be the most genre savvy out of all of them. Also, I love hams.)
Best Princess: Cadence (The only princess to really have a defined differing dimensions, e.g. She knows her work is important, but knows to be fun loving every now and then.)
Best regular mane six: Twilight Sparkle (With me being the most similar to her, I can't deny it.)
Best CMC: Sweetie Belle (Her voice cracks and general cuteness are just too much.)
Best season: Season 2 and 4 (Season 2 is the best for many reasons, but I do think Season 4 might just be a damn good experience when it's finished.)
Best episode: Best Night Ever (best song of the series in my opinion and the starter of many memes), Sisterhooves Social (Favorite Mane Six and CMC, both sisters, what's not to like), and Games Ponies Play/Just for Sidekicks (Best Season 3 Episode combo, mostly because it's in the same story, just from different viewpoints.)
Best pony type: Pegasus. Flight and speed are everything.
Best Season 4 episode (I list my top 5 instead):
5. Flight to the Finish
4. Bats!
3. Pinkie Pride
2. Maud Pie
1. Rainbow Falls
Best ship: Rarishy, Twixie, Scootabellebloom (OT3), or Vinyltavia
Best two-parter: Royal Wedding (introducing some of my favorite charatcers) and Friendship is Magic (being a very memorable start to a series)
Best Element: Loyalty and Generosity, something I feel I have too much of.

Worst Character: Diamond Tiara. Spoiled little snob.
Worst Princess: None are bad for me, I just don't see a certain literal darkhorse's popularity being needed.
Worst regular mane six: Applejack for me sadly. I don't hate her, but she hardly does anything worthwhile for me.
Worst CMC: None. I just can't dislike any of them, even Babs, because she does get better in Racist Bar- I mean Apple Family Reunion.
Worst Season: The first few things of Season 1, and a little bit of Season 3.
Worst episode: Spike at your service. So average.
Worst Season 4 episode: Pinkie Apple Pie for it's hard to write around scenario for ApplePie Shippers, and It Ain't Easy being Breezies, for just being odd and uninspired. They're not terrible episodes, they're just so average and raise too many questions or just bore me.
Worst Ship: Big Mac X Shining Armor. The brothers don't need to be shipped, especially when one's married.
Worst two-parter: Crystal Empire. Short and simple, it was a disappointment more than anything else. Not terrible, but could've been done better. SOOOO much better.

What I think about Rainbow Power!
TOO MUCH FORESHADOWING, GIVE US ANSWERS! (I really like the idea, but we're being teased way too much on these subject, and I want answers.)
What I think about Equestria Girls!
What really got me thinking of the music, and inspired me to enjoy the series more, and made me want to see the whole series with my mom.

And that's it... Ah Screw it! Cue it Chrysalis!


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Rio Decade
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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I am a Fanfictionist, and I do some strange ideas. I'm usually doing Tokusatsu/Anything else Crossover fanfictions. Hopefully everyone enjoys the storys.


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Now, if any one wants a point commission of a VS pic or a collage of characters, please donate me at least five to ten points for said picture, and if there's something specific you want on the background, please tell me.

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