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Stole this meme from :iconstreetgals9000:

1.   Where would your HQ be?
My house, or at my friend's house if I need an especially secret place.

2.   What is your costume like?

Head is colored Deep Vibrant Blue with a shine to it and Eyes Colored Deep Vibrant Magenta
Body is colored silver with purple linings through the arms and legs to the elbows and knees, and purple wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs.
Main reference for the body (excluding the head):…
Main reference for the Helmet:

3.   What would your sidekick be like? 

I wouldn't have a sidekick, I'd have either a companion in fighting with a different motif and style, or a group of friends who support me through means of social, or combat ways.

4.   If you had a super hero theme song, What would it be like?

Main Theme and Normal Mode Fight Song: [link]
Sky Mode and Shock Mode (Sometimes fuse into one Mode: Sky Shock) Fight Song: ([link])
Dashing Star Mode (Mid-Season Upgrade) Fight Song: [link]
Galactic Blade Mode (Final Form) Fight Song: [link]

5.   What type of hero would you be?

One who fights for people, tries to create bonds with many, and tries to help people understand mental sides more then what is right in front of them.

6.   Who is your love interest?

She's a friend of mine, I care for her like a sister, and would do anything to help her. While I do care for her, she ends up with who she actually likes and is truly able to love. I'm fine being a friend anyways.

7.   What would your arch nemesis/bad guy be like?

A friend of mine corrupted by something he wanted and his goals, and a man who wishes to bring everyone to become slaves of him as he becomes a monster.

8.   What are your powers/weapons/abilities?

What I use to transform into my Super Hero form is a Belt I wear to form my suit around me. My main ability is my physical combat, so mainly punches and kicks. I do have ways of giving my attacks an elemental side to them (mainly electricity and ice) with some a device on my arm that I can use to give me certain effects with my attacks, and give it to my limb I send it to. I also have two devices to go with this belt. One is a small dagger that I split in two to insert into the belt and form out a Transformation into a winged version of my costume with a Sky Blue outfit and a Pale Snow Blue Helmet and using Tonfas with sharp pop out blades, giving me Sky Mode. I also have a small pistol that I plug into my wrist device and give me a golden suit and a dull green helmet with Bright Violet Eyes, and has a small hand shotgun for the weapon, called Shock Mode. Dashing Star is a Bright White Helmet with a Rainbow Scarf and a Bright Dull Purple outfit. It has a long staff weapon with a blade at the end (similar to this:… and is faster then can be seen, except for his opponents of similar speed. Galactic Blade Form is the Final Form, mainly colored in a Platinum Helmet and a Midnight Blue Body. His Titular Galactic Blade is slanted from the handle, looking like a gun, but has a blade. It is colored in a Vibrant Blue and has Purple Energy flowing through the Blade and has Platinum coating on the handle and blade itself, and can use the power of Different Planets on his sword's blade. But when all of them come together, he can use the power to form a mighty slash to make his implode in a Black Hole fashion. He only uses that last attack when he most needs it, which is rare and only happens Three Times, mainly because of how dangerous and risky it is.

9. How/why did you become a hero?
How: I was given a chance to protect people and was given these abilities to do more, and I took the chance, also learning more about my friends and what's been happening around my school and neighborhood, possibly state.
Why: To protect my friends and family, and to know that I'd be able to do more in this case. But I also know my powers aren't all I have, and it's truly myself who's the hero.

10.What do you stand for?
Compassion, Generosity, Kindness, Loyalty, Balance, and The Importance of both Positive and Negative being important.

Hopefully you enjoy and possibly even try it out, if you so please.


Rio Decade
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
(To Point out, yes, that is me getting choked. I'm apparently masochistic.)

I am a Fanfictionist, and I do some strange ideas. I'm usually doing Tokusatsu/Anything else Crossover fanfictions. Hopefully everyone enjoys the stores.

Stamps I Guess:
Linkin Park by SakuraStarsStill Sonic Stamp by gameboyheroMaka-chan stamp by Kizu-FreaKIn defence of Amy by darkhyliangirlDEATH THE KID by 80avatarfan80Smooth Criminal stamp by GeoSohmaJim Carrey Stamp by GrinchaI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateI Love Robots Stamp by HybridYukiTurtles Forever Stamp by blazichuWizardmon Stamp by Jen-FoxworthTim Burton Stamp by theestephasaurusrexI loved Shadow the Hedgehog by SnowWhiteShadowScarecrow by RavenReillyMETA KNIGHT IS EPIC by oceanographergrlNC Stamp by ToastersToastToastLinkara Love Stamp by MintyStitchStamp: Vincent Valentine II by sunstroke-artAll of the Organization by Scarecrow--StampsTeam Rocket stamp by Koriiko-chanSanity Stamp by NaruHinaRokzJet Twins Fan - stamp by TwinTwosGirlStamp - Jackie Chan Adventures by SuxinnBatman Beyond Stamp by slifertheskydragonDinobot Stamp by SeishinKibouWaspinator stamp by SeishinKibouNekozawa Umehito Stamp by IchiseGossipWizards are awesome stamp by theneopetmasterRorshach stamp by HyJahkmaagi magi magiro by foreverwhiteknightSuper Sentai Stamp by CrimsonFlames86Toku support stamp by TheBurningDonutKamen Rider Fan by Cyborg-ninja2007Blue means speed stamp by LadyBeelzeSword Kirby Stamp by LeafeonFanPerfection: Perfect Cell Stamp by Neko-CosmicKittyBobobo Stamp by Sorata-SanBatman Hates Punk by GeneveveXAnd Another Mewtwo stamp by PsyLadyMind Theater Stamp by SpeedyAlchemistStarscream Fan Stamp by Dragon-Star-EmpressChibi Envy Fan Stamp by Hazel-Fox

I Heart Dororo Stamp by queen-dededeI Heart Tamama Stamp by queen-dededeKeroro Stamp by ToonfreakGiroro Fan by Atlanta-HammyKululu Fan by Atlanta-Hammy

just get in the plane by Shini-SmurfSHINING FINGER Stamp by Teeter-Echidna.::009 stamp by Changeling007

Lord Zedd stamp by writemaster93

I like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasionStamp - Tiger + Bunny by KarniMollyDigimon Season Lovers by PersonaHuntersEscape

BrainScratch Comms stamp by Hero-TTheRunawayGuys by Marlenesstamps

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